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Best tour ever!


I’ve been in Jerusalem several times and took many tours. This one is my favorite so far! I’ will take this tour again next time I visit this country! It was absolutely beautiful! and the tour guides were amazing!
Visited January 2017.


Wonderful Experience

Phil and Matt were very responsive and accommodating in setting up the tour. The tour itself was a lot of fun as we got to visit quite a few interesting neighborhoods both within and outside the old city.Both of them were very knowledgeable and the small size of the group ensured that we could take everything in at our own pace.Definitely recommend going with these guys for a bike tour in Jerusalem. You won’t regret it.


A magical ride

The feeling of riding before dawn through the empty streets is great. We started by cycling through the market area called Mahane Yehuda before it woke up and saw all the great art graffiti on the shop and store shutters (done with the permission of the store owners I discovered). This is really cool because you only see it when the market is “sleeping” . Then we followed the Jerusalem tram lines into the Old city of Jerusalem via one of its many gates. Phil made sure we knew the “rules of the road” whilst Matt was always riding at the back so no one could get lost – good if you do not know your way around. The tour lives up to its name “Sunrise” as, with perfect timing Matt and Phil got us to an amazing roof top view at Mount Zion just as the sun came up. No less perfect was the freshly brewed cup of coffee they gave me (tea as well). We carried on after this by cycling down via the Temple area and then with the Mount of Olives (superb view) to the east we cycled around the walls to get back home.It took three hours which zoomed by really quickly as Phil and Matt kept us entertained with tales of Jerusalem and pointing out the things you do not see by yourself.

If I have two words to say……do it
Great company, new friends and fantastic Tour guides who know their stuff. What else do you need to start the day?


The best way to start your day

It’s not easy to get up before dawn when you’re on vacation, but it’s totally worth it If you’re going on a Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling tour. Riding through Jerusalem during that magical hour before sunrise is both calming and exhilarating. Phil and Matt take you through the winding paths of the Old City, seemingly knowing every ramp and alleyway. They completely took care of us and our bikes, leaving us free to notice things hidden by the crowds during the day. Sunrise over the desert and Jordan is stunning. Phil and Matt kept thrilling us with interesting stories and folktales. They even made us coffee and tea. When we finished, I felt like I had experienced Jerusalem fully and in such a unique way … and it wasn’t even breakfast time! Take a Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling tour. You won’t ever forget it.

Great way to start your morning

Matt and Phil were fun, informative and flexible. We had a great time. Sunrise over Jerusalem; a ride through the markets before they open and to each gate around the old city; and our group (only 2 of us) added Mea Shearim with a stop at a delicious bakery. Not a difficult ride and the group can change the itinerary if everyone agrees. One of our wonderful highlights while touring Israel.


“…My family and I had a fantastic experience…having fun and meeting new people!”

Thanks to Deena Levenstein’s Things To Do In Jerusalem, my family and I had a fantastic experience together early this morning! We did the Jerusalem Sunrise Cycling tour starting before dawn and the start of Jerusalem’s blistering August heat at 5:00 am (%$#@&^!!!). Super guides Phillip J. GordonLavine and Matt Churchill, the bikes and the sites were a great way to see Jerusalem while having fun and meeting new people! We’ll need naps, but absolutely recommend it!


Do not miss Sunrise bike tour!

See Jerusalem at the crack of dawn as it slowly awakes. Bike through Yehuda Market when hardly a sole is around. Cruise through The Old City while it’s still asleep and see a magnificent view of Jerusalem as the sun slowly rises. My guides Matt and Phil were so informative and you really got the feeling that they felt fortunate to be able to witness Jerusalem like most never do. Very gracious guys. The sunrise bike tour was one of the highlights of my trip to Israel. The tour was not tough for anyone who is in moderate to good shape. Don’t miss out on this one. I can’t recommend it enough!!